About umbrellas, mobile phones and my sense of orientation…

It’s raining. And raining. But the sticky weather stays – and so does my headache.

Today, I attended my first driving theory lesson – quite boring to sit around there, but I learned a lot.. I looked in the coursebook afterwards and I think I wouldn’t really understand it without the lesson. Anyway, it would be a lot harder to memorise.
When I got out, I carried my bag on one shoulder and the laptop bag (I got one free with my coursebook) on the other one, in my one hand I had my umbrella, in the other one my mobile phone (as I was talking to a friend). I am totally useless in orientating myself, I am even more useless if it’s raining and I’m carrying an umbrella – and now imagine me talking on the phone!
So… I just walked. I didn’t think about the direction and after 10 minutes I said to my friend: “Uhm.. I don’t know where I actually am right now.”
But …the heck, it’s impossible to not find an underground station in Vienna. Because of my little trip I had to take another line and it took me some time. I then stopped by at a friend who could give me some photos from the diploma awarding ceremony (yay! my photos were all blurry) – afterwards, my lovely favourite umbrella (it’s pattern is beautiful) gave out and of course, the tramway just didn’t arrive in the station, so I had to walk home. Baaah. I know, not really big problems, but it’s sooo annoying if you’re tired and you’ve got headache.

Enough grouching!

Today, I don’t want to show you what I baked, but my dinner from yesterday. I don’t know how it looks to you, but it was sooo good. I called it Schnitzel Salad, it’s green salad with potatoe salad and pieces of chicken Schnitzel (we had the Schnitzel and the potatoe salad for lunch, my Dad made it and he makes the best potatoe salad and Schnitzel ever) on top. Yummy. I love salads like that.

Schnitzel Salad


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