It’s here! It’s cute!

It’s a cute little spring form!

I baked a little Lemon Cake today, as I planned. We like this cake – I wasn’t quick enough to make a picture with the whole one.

Little Lemon Cake

There are only three driving theory lessons left to attend! Yeah! And I’ll have practical driving lessons in 10 days! I’m really looking forward to it.

And Harry Potter 6 is out! I already saw it twice in three days – yes, I love Harry Potter. But, please, listen: Read the books! Read them! Don’t just watch the movies!

En plus: I’m kind of official an university student now – I enrolled online, but not on purpose, because I thought, “Oh, that’s only an advance reservation” and suddenly it said I have to bring my certificates to the university and pay the fees and then I’ll get my student ID. I was kind of shocked. But hey, that’s cool.

Tomorrow, I’ll earn some money and hand out leaflets in the inner city. I’m busy as a bee lately, haha.


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