It’s almighty hot.

Too hot to bake. Way too hot. That makes me saaad, because I’d love to make a marble cake. But it will get colder on Saturday, maybe I’ll bake something then. Or on Sunday. Because on Saturday, there’s not so much time, I’ll work – again handing out flyers. (That’s why it’s getting colder! Really. Last week, it was scalding hot all week and then, Saturday, it was freezing cold, because I worked outside and someone up there didn’t want me to get a heat stroke.  A bit too cold for my taste because I shivered and my lips were the same colour as my purple cap. But this Saturday, it’s just right, I think.)

Because it’s THAT hot, I’ll show you something nice and refrigerant. A fruit breakfast. Eat fruits, people! They’re healthy and taste awesome.

Fruits For Breakfast


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