Becoming a Freshman!

Am I actually called a freshman when I begin to study? Isn’t there a freshwoman?

Tomorrow, I’ll pick up my student ID! I’m excited. Then it’s proven: I’m officially going to be an university student. That’s sooo cool. I looked at the university cafeteria’s food plans today: They have nice food! They actually have menus called “Brain Food” – light food with nutrients to be able to think a lot, haha.  That’s cute! (Here‘s a folder, but it’s German.) But what’s strange: Every university building has its own cafeteria, but the head building only has two cafés. And I’m in the head building most of the time! But okay, I don’t really mind, I rather like to cook by myself anyway – and it’s cheaper, too.

I cook a lot these days – and I’m getting better. On Monday, I made pan-fried gnocchi with a lot of vegetables and (for my brother, the carnivore) bacon. Today, I made pan-fried turkey hen, also with a lot of vegetables and rice. You see, I love frying things in the pan, because we have this awesome non-stick frying pan – I don’t need oil, and it’s sooo easy to clean!

Maybe I’m all alone this weekend. So I don’t think I’ll bake anything, maybe on Sunday, when they all come back.

But I could make this awesome lunch again, it’s soooo good – at least for me because I have a sweet tooth. A big one. Look at these Sweet Noodels. I served them with self-made stewed apples – really easy in the microwave!

Sweet Sugar-Noodles with Stewed Apples

Gosh, this photo alone makes my mouth water.


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