Je suis of age.

I’m 18 now. Two days ago, I was still under age and now I’m full of age. Do I feel different? Do I like it? I don’t know. I’m a bit tired because I had to celebrate yesterday, of course.

This is my birthday cake, a small traditional Sacher Cake.

Sacher Cake

We always have this cake when someone has birthday in our family. Okay, almost always, because my Mum doesn’t want her own when my birthday is just the day after hers. I couldn’t make a photo of the whole one, it was eaten so quick. But I was good with the frosting! It’s all the way round, before that, I always just put it on top. And it’s taaasty! There’s only one little piece left.

Have I ever introduced Bounty to you? No? This is Bounty. Cutest cat ever. She loves to lie on my arm while I’m typing.



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