Yawning, yawning and a red jacket!

I found an awesome, cute, just perfect winter jacket. I love it! It’s red, it’s made from cord velvet, it’s chequered on the inside and it has a perfect hood with a little bit of fake fur. It’s perfect! It is! I never found jackets with hoods, but I need them because I hate to take an umbrella with me. And they’re so comfortable! And always when I found a hooded jacket,  it was black or brown. And I just do not like black and brown. It’s RED! Red is perfect.

To buy it without having a bad conscience, I worked today. (It was destiny, I found the jacket and suddenly I got a small sampling job.) It was nice, actually. But I had to get up at 4:40 am! I’m tired. But I’ll take an afternoon nap after lunch. SIESTA!

Because in the evening, my friends are coming and we’ll go out to celebrate my birthday a bit belated. (Yes, again, but they weren’t all in Vienna the last time.)

Yesterday, my mum’s friends had been here to celebrate her birthday. She asked me to make dessert – needless to say, haha. And I made this: Cherry Turnover.

Cherry Turnover

It’s a shortcrust “pocket” filled with sour cherrys. We served vanilla ice cream with it coming fresh from the oven – it was vanilla sauce then. And I made some cookies as eatable decoration. Yum!


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