It’s time to catch the train!

I’ll be on the train in a little bit of time. Okay, my journey lasts only two hours and I’m just going to stay in Lower Austria, but anyway.

Two hours ago, I passed the written test for my driving license. So now I just have to practice driving a little (or all the more).

That’s all. It’s hot, my blood pressure is low and my head spinning – so I haven’t really been in the mood for baking anything. But there are still some photos left!

These are Norwegerli. They are baked goods perfectly to eat for breakfast with jam. The ones with coarse sugar on top are “pure”, the ones without contain raisins (they are much less because we don’t really are raisin-eaters).


I just love fresh baked goods in the morning! I put some of them in the freezer to be able to crisp them up in the morning, but it would have been better to do this with the dough before baking. Once I wanted to crisp one up in the mini-oven, but I didn’t really watch it and it was totally burned on top. I’m just incapable of something like that in the morning, I think.

That’s it for the week! I’ll be back in some days.


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