Pumpkin again!

First pumpkin soup of the year! Let’s have a pumpkin party!

This is traditional pumpkin soup dinner as I like it to be: The first pumpkin soup of the year, a biiig pot in the middle of the dinner table, eaten by the whole family in the evening. Dad puts in pumpkin seed oil, we all eat a bowl of croutons except my brother who doesn’t like that in soup. Yes, that’s how I like it. Today, unfortunately, it wasn’t as traditional as always. Hm. Well, I think we just have to catch up on that. It spoiled my pumpkin soup beginning a bit, but anyway… it’s awesome tasting Pumpkin Soup!!


We went to see “Julie & Julia” on Friday, btw. It’s nice. And kind of inspiring. In my opinion, it’s too long, but that is something I could say about almost every film. I just find it hard to sit still for more than half an hour.

It’s a film everyone with a food blog feels connected to, I think. I could identify with Julie, though I’m not sitting in a boring office with a boring job – thank God. But anyway, she likes cooking and baking because it forms a contrast to her everyday life. And she feels good doing that. Yes, I know that.

My MacBook and my iPod came! And they’re soooo cool! I love them.


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