An order! An order!

I’ve got an order! That’s nice. The Cream Cheesecake was the desired one – good choice!

DSCN3050This photo looks as if it was some sort of casserole… I can’t show you how it looks inside, of course, but this is how it looked the last time: Yum! Click me!

Yesterday, baking was so much fun. I don’t know why, but I really, really enjoyed it – more than on other days. I hope the cheesecake tastes like that. Oh, and I found the perfect way to crumble cookies for a cookie crumb pie crust. Last time I made one, it was really annoying and I had cookie crumbs flying around everywhere. But yesterday, I just put the cookies in the blender! It was a perfect crust dough. I envy everyone that gets a piece of this cake just because of the crust!

Hey, have a quick look at my new babies:


Yes, they are expensive. They really are. But ain’t they beautiful?


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  1. silvi
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 21:44:33

    my cake, my cake!!! it tasted wonderful!! i made small small pieces and put them right the way into the freezer. and every time, after a hard day working i enjoy one with cup of hot white coffee!! you don’t know my daughter, she eats only e few things but your cake tastes totally “kössssstlich” … she said! thank you very very much! silvi & tabi


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