Munching away…

…a Marble Bundt Cake (or Gugelhupf, as you like it).


It’s sooo good. It’s soft, fluffy and sooo good. It’s a kind of “family recipe” (from my Mum’s school cookbook) – we made it together since I was a baby girl (and Mum made it before I even existed). At that time, all I did was mixing some things together and licking out the bowl. The rest was Mum’s work and I always loved to watch her. Today, Mum and Dad were coming home from their holidays and I wanted to make a Marble Gugelhupf for them. So it was the first time in my life I made this cake alone. It felt a bit strange. But it’s soooo good! It’s perfect. I have never and I will never make another marble cake recipe in my life.


It’s even more perfect with a cup of good coffee. In the past, we always made this cake when we got visitors the next day. I always wanted to eat it instantly – but all I got was the bottom that was cut away when to cake was uneven. Today, we cut and ate it still warm. Yuuummy! (I pinched a bit from the bottom anyway. O childhood memories!)

Before baking at home, I got up early today, because I wanted to enroll to a sports course at the university’s sports institute – there are loads of quite cheap courses for students. I thought that this would last half an hour at the most. … Thought wrong! I was standing in line for THREE hours. Three hours! But I just listened to all the podcasts I had on my iPod. (By the way, really informative ones… I watched one by Jamie Oliver who taught me to make pan-fried asia noodles and one by Alfons Schuhbeck who told me how to make a pan-fried egg that’s soft and not dry. For lunch, I made the best pan-fried noodles with egg I’ve ever eaten.) And the last hour, I stood there with some friends. So it wasn’t that bad at all. I’m a quite patient person if I have to be.


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