Time flies…

Happy Easter, Dad!

“Easter?”, you might think now. Yup. Today, my Dad redeemed the voucher I gave him for Easter. Last Easter seems to be years ago, but actually, it’s not. (But it’s autumn anyway, hahaaaa!)

His voucher said that my Dad can have whichever fresh baked cake he wants. It took until yesterday since he decided – Brownies!


They are a bit flat – it was too little dough for a too big pan. But they are good anyway – chocolaty and moist. I hope, you’re satisfied, Dad! (But he came home some minutes ago and what he said while chewing sounded good.)


That’s the nice, colourful voucher-card. It’s self-made – I love to make cards for different events. Mum has almost the same card, but hers is a voucher for a Starbucks-visit. She decided to wait until it’s cold outside, because she’d rather like to have a Caramel Macchiato instead of a Frappuccino. Oooh, and I could have a Chai Tea Latte, then. Or a Caramel Macchiato, too. With a New York Cheesecake! I have to stop – I don’t want to get my MacBook wet because of my watering mouth, haha.


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