Some whining. And raving.

I know, it’s a bit quiet here. You know, I actually had the intention to use my last week of holidays to bake and bake. But – I’m siiiick! Okay, it’s not sick sick, but I can’t stop coughing and I’m not really in the mood to bake or to eat cakes. And my throat hurts. Bah. That’s so typical – it’s getting autumn, it’s getting a feeeew degrees colder (not even enough to wear jackets) and I get a cold. Because I always freeze! (I know, that’s kind of contradictory to my love for autumn and winter.)

I decided to show you an older photo because it would be so quiet here otherwise.

The Brownie Rolls Cake!

Brownie Rolls Cake

I made this cake last winter – it fits perfectly into the cold time of the year. It’s a cake made from yeast dough rolls with chocolate and nut filling, tasting very chocolaty and really good. You can decide yourself if you eat it in single rolls that you break off or if you cut it. I wanted to cut it because that shows a nice pattern. Look here:

Brownie Rolls-Cut

The title says I’m not only whining because of my throat today. Nooo! I have some really good things to tell you, too.

I was in THE DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES on Monday!!! It was sooo cool. It was SO COOL! I would go there again and again and again if I could. It’s awesome! I wanted to see this since I was in elementary school – so I waited for more than 10 years for this musical to come to Vienna again. And it was worth it. Really. I want to see it again! Oh, I so hope I get to see it again.


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