Happy Pumpkin Day!

Today, it’s pumpkin day. (No, not officially. Is there an official pumpkin day?) We had pumpkin soup for lunch.

And afterwards, I made a Pumpkin Almond Cake.


I love this red plate, doesn’t it look adorable? Looks like autumn. Warm and welcoming. And the colour is like a christmas tree ball. With sugar, it looks like a christmas tree ball sprinkled with snow. Oh, I’m dreaming of christmas.


And I love the light there was in the kitchen today! Definitely due to autumn.

The cake tastes really good. Just like anything with pumpkin should taste. (But it was spoiled a bit by my coffee, which tasted gross! I don’t know what’s going on with the coffee machine, but it’s definitely not a good thing.) But you know what’s really, really strange? It totally tastes like sweet chestnuts. Totally. I mean, I love sweet chestnuts, it’s one of the reasons I look forward to winter and christmas markets and all that. And I like this taste. Even in a cake. But – why?

Have you ever tried Parmesan cheese in your pumpkin soup? Try it! It’s darn good.

The weather finally says “soup time”. I just love making soups. I also love eating soup. I still have my cold, but I always feel better after eating a vitamin-packed veg soup. I’m queen of the veg soups, haha! I also made carrot-courgette soup and broccoli soup this week.

It’s getting cold. Finally.


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