We are NO Christmas cookies!

It got cold outside. Reeeeally cold. And what do you need when it’s cold? A cup of hot tea and some chocolate, preferably in baked form. Yes, that’s it. So, today, I baked. These ones may look a bit like cookies, but they aren’t. These are Chocolate Knobs.


They’re chocolaty, chocolaty, chocolaty. I like them. Unfortunately, I took them out of the oven too late, so they’re baked a bit too much – but now I know for next time, because I’ll definitely bake them again.

But they are no Christmas cookies! I don’t bake Christmas cookies before December. I’m an advocate for “Wait until it’s time!”. Why do shops sell chocolate Santas and Christmas cookies in October? If I would start eating Christmas cookies, Christmas chocolate, sweet chestnuts and all other good tasting Christmas treats in October, I would be so fed up in December that all the good feeling would have gone. I love waiting for all these tasty things – the colder it is, the better they taste. I have to admit, I ate a piece of gingerbread last week – yes, shame on me! But … I had a reason. Really. You want to know? … I passed my driving test! I have a driving license! Yeeeeah! It’s still just a piece of paper – but they’ll send me the card soon, I hope. (That’s the reason I ate gingerbread? Well, the test lasted very long and I didn’t eat for the whole day, but someone pulled out a box of fruit gingerbread – and I just had to have one piece.)

Well, well, well. Studying is very time-consuming – I don’t have really much time to bake lately. I’m always tired. But I kind of like this “being a student”-feeling.

Oh, and I found out that they’re is a Christmas market on my campus! Yay! That’s sooo nice. I’m looking forward to 14th of November, that’s when it opens. But if you’re not from Vienna, you don’t even know what a real Christmas market is, I have to tell you. We don’t have just Christmas markets, we have “Christkindlmärkte”. They have a special atmosphere. They’re special. What would I do without a Christkindlmarkt in December?

Now I have to pack myself in warm clothes, because I’m going out in an hour. Yippee!


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