Yep. I know, these are the same I showed you in my last post. But I baked them again.

Chocolate Knobs.


At least that proves they’re really good. Mum wanted them for her office.

I’m exhausted. I hate clock changes. I hate them. I fall asleep too late and I wake up too early after we change our clocks. I hate them. I came home today and fell asleep. Then I baked these chocolate knobs, now I want to fall asleep again. I’m so tired. I hope I sleep better today as I have my sports course again tomorrow – yaay! (In school, I didn’t like sports that much, but now I can choose myself what I want to do and I don’t have to play stupid dodge ball or anything like that.) I love my sports course because I feel positively exhausted afterwards.

Oh, and I have to admit something: I will bake Christmas cookies before December. But: It’s the Saturday before the first Sunday of Advent! So I think we can accept that as Christmas time. Right? Right. Mum and I will meet up with my godmother and her daughter and have a cookie baking evening! That’s awesome – I’m really looking forward to it.

We want to try out this thingy we found in our cupboard: A Biscuit Press! We have never used it before, Mum thinks someone gave it to her long time ago. This is gonna be interesting! You’ll get to see our results in November!


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