Happy Halloween!

I know, strange, but I didn’t bake anything containing pumpkin today. (I ate a spaghetti pumpkin for lunch, however!) Mum and I made traditional Sweet Buns today.


These babies are family tradition. They have been made lots of times before I was born and loads of times after. Visitors have already eaten them dozens of times over the years, but they NEVER, never ever grow tired of them. No! They even ask for more of our Sweet Buns. They tried them at home for themselves, but these ones are never as good as the ones my Mum and I make – not even with the same recipe. Believe me – I have witnesses. I don’t know why it is like that. We just have the talent for these ones.


Mum loves them with butter and jam. I eat them “pure”.

Happy Halloween to all of you that celebrate this day. This year, I don’t. Not because it’s not tradition here – I don’t care about that. I’m not one of these “Halloween is a commercial import”-people. I think it’s a festivity with a great history and has totally nice traditions. I also went trick-or-treating when I was younger, it’s so much fun. Once, I made a halloween party with my neighbour, Mum and I made caramel apples (that were too hard to bite, you had to lick them), we ate pumpkin soup (the beginning of my pumpkin soup career, I think) and played all the games that we got introduced to in our English books, like Apple Bobbing. Those were the days.

This year, I’m not in the mood for going to a Halloween party. There is no good one – my friends go to a club I don’t like, so I’ll join some fellow students in the Burgtheater – there’s an open stage party tonight, nothing connected to Halloween. If that’s boring, I can join those others anyway, but not in a costume. I hate dressing up. I planned to just wear a nice petticoat skirt and put on a magic hat – and then I was going to be a witch. Unfortunately, I misplaced my hat. I don’t find it. That makes me moody. And in this club, you only come in for free if wearing a costume. … I found a lilac feather boa in my closet. … If I go there, I’ll just put this around my neck and pretend to be… whatever. Anything, hoping they let me in without having to pay – wish me luck!


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