5 days left…

…until the first Christmas Markets open up! Hooray! That’s when I really love to live in Vienna.

Yesterday, I made the best-ever apple-pie. Yeah, that sounds like boasting, but it isn’t my recipe and I had help.


It may not look like a world-beating apple-pie to you, but it is – believe me. I once told you I never make this one because a friend of the family makes it and I know it would never be that good if I did it. So, yesterday, I was invited by Irena to bake some apple-pie together! My parents came home from their holidays and so they had fresh-baked apple-pie when they got home – Can anything be more welcoming?

It’s getting colder and colder now. Bounty is sleeping the whole day – I read it’s normal for cats to do this when it’s colder. She loves sleeping on the aquarium, I think because it’s warm up there.


I already bought an Advent calendar today! The ones I like, the cheap and kitschy ones, are gone so soon that you have to buy them early. I don’t like the expensive branded Advent calendars – I mean, who needs a calendar with a Kinder egg and a surprise every day, or one with gems in it – what do you do with these things? Totally made for spoiled children. The chocolate in the cheap ones is better and has always a different shape, that’s nice. The Milka Advent calendar only has “Naps” in them, little chocolate bars that don’t have a shape at all – how boring is that? What’s the use of that? If I would want to eat a piece of chocolate every day and nothing else, I could buy just a big chocolate bar.
(Yes, I know that it’s strange I can talk that long about Advent calendars. But I’m a Christmas girl!)


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