A cookie jar full of…


I admit it – I made gingerbread before Advent. But. It’s gingerbread. It’s not Christmas cookies. Right? Right?… If we had found chocolate covered gingerbread in the grocery store today, we would have bought and eaten it. We didn’t, so I made it myself. I was really fancying gingerbread today.
And it’s good – it’s the first time I made gingerbread myself. It wasn’t the kind of dough you roll out and cut cookies, it’s baked on a sheet and cut afterwards. I bought the spice mix, though – it was “honey gingerbread” spice mix. Fitting, as there is honey in the dough, too. It smells sooo good – don’t you love the smell of gingerbread, too?

Well. Christmas will be topic in every single post, you see. Let’s talk about Christmas markets again. I have now been to Rathausplatz (as you saw in the last post) and to the one at Spittelberg – that’s a really nice one, it’s not that crowded because there’s a lot of space. And there are really nice stands there. What I like a lot: They have non-alcoholic berry punch! I don’t like most alcoholic punches, they’re way too strong, but if you want a non-alcoholic one, you always have to drink orange punch and you never get berry punch. But not at Spittelberg – yay! Also, they have “Feuerzangenbowle”, which tastes really good! (And not that alcoholic, strangely.) Actually, going to Spittelberg was really spontaneous (Spontaneousness and me – that doesn’t fit normally, but since I’ve started studying, that’s really changing. I’m adapting to society, haha.) – actually, a really nice fellow student, her boyfriend and I wanted to watch a theatre play, but they were sold out and so we went to the Christmas market instead. It was so nice I was really happy the play was sold out afterwards. I don’t think it would have been that much fun. Also, we went to the ice palace in the MQ (Museumsquartier, museum district in Vienna), where a lot of punch stands are (but they insist on not being a Christmas market) and had a really good apple hot wine punch (actually, it wasn’t wine, but must, but I reckon nobody knows must outside of Austria), which was good again, because it was so sweet. I really wanted to go there again – but the ice palace burned down yesterday! I was so shocked when I read it. But it’s not so bad after all – nobody was hurt and they’ll build up the stands again next week. So maybe I can have another apple hot wine punch this year.


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