Pizza Pizza! And a lot of other tasty things.

This is Dad’s and mine home-made pizza.

I do know it looks a bit gross – but I’ve never seen a photograph of a pizza that doesn’t, actually. But never mind the photo, it’s tasty – we often have self-made pizza for lunch at home, it’s quick and easy and you can eat the rest of it in the evening cold. I think it’s cold even better than warm.

We’ve been to the Christkindlmarkt again yesterday! Yaay! (Yes, I do other things than going to Christmas markets too, but they’re not that much fun.) It was Spittelberg again. I tried a mug full of hot cinnamon-apple juice – yum!

Today, we’ve got visitors. Mum is really talented at table-decorating. Today’s table is still in autumn-style, not winter. The little sticks in the middle are improvised because we didn’t have fitting flowers. I think it’s beautiful, but Mum says, she’s been better.

This is today’s dessert – yum! Rasperries with cream and sugar on top! And with pieces of my gingerbread that tastes today even better than freshly made. Perfectly fitting together!

And right now, I’m totally waiting for these babies to be enjoyed with my coffee: Sweet buns!

(Alright, I already pinched one for breakfast.)


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