Thanks, Saint Nicholas!

Have a joyful second Sunday of Advent! Now there are two candles burning on the Advent wreath.

Mum and I made clove oranges today! You can see my piece of “art” on the photo above. Smells sooo good!

I was sick this week. I hate being sick. (Well, who doesn’t?) On Wednesday, I suddenly got stomachache and then I got fever and I couldn’t get up for three days. I just hate it – not being able to go to university is not positive! I missed three lectures and two study group meetings. Thursday is my most important day and I got sick just before it. Makes me really moody. The only good thing I had in these three days was my lunch on Friday. It was a big Apple Pancake.

As you can imagine, I didn’t really have appetite. But I had to eat something and it had to be something quick as I was alone at home and didn’t want to stand in the kitchen too long. I decided to make something that’s easy and tastes good. So apple pancakes it was. Mood food with vitamins. Perfect.

Bounty is a good companion when you’re sick. She loves it when someone else but her sleeps the whole day, too.

Well, but I’m okay again. At least almost.

Today’s St Nicholas Day! And look what St Nicholas brought me: Instant Fudge Hot Chocolate!

Wheee! Of course, I had to have a little cup instantly. I nipped it while reading the awesome film magazine I got, too. Yummy!


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