Another photo-packed Sunday of Advent!

Have a lovely third Sunday of Advent! Three candles burning on the Advent wreath – Christmas is coming swiftly!

As usual, I’ll show you the good things we made this week. Starting with a yummy yummy Baked Apple.

Actually, Mum made it. I love her baked apples. They’re perfect with vanilla ice cream that melts with the apple in your mouth. The filling consists of marzipan, hazelnuts and a bit of whipped cream. Mmmhm – doesn’t that sound awesome?

Yesterday, we made Vanillekipferl (vanilla crescent cookies)!

This is something we just have to make every year, they’re the best! I love them so much, and I love making them with Mum. (Maybe that’s why I like them so much.) It’s fun and it’s totally nice to sit at our kitchen table and shape the crescents together. Team work!

Let me show you the birth, the life and the end of a Vanillekipferl:

A big dough ball!

The dough gets shaped into a looot of little crescents:

Then they get baked and look like this!

Still warm, they are rolled in vanilla sugar and put in our lovely big cookie jar, that is now full of Vanillekipferl.

But because it is sooo good, the life of a Vanillekipferl isn’t that long. It usually ends like this:

Mjam! I love that they’re so small, they’re a perfect sweet bite. The perfect ending for a perfect cookie.

(I love you, Mum and Dad, thanks for the day!)


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