The streets are white!

Yaaaay! Snoooow!
I know, it’s not the fourth Sunday of Advent, but it’s time for a little blog-extra because: There’s snow outside! It’s snowing in Vienna.

Just look at what I see when I open my window:

Beautiful, huh?

Before I show you more snow photos, I’ll show you something really tasty.
What’s better than a warm soup when you come in from the cold? I adore soup. This is a zucchini/courgette soup I made this week. Topped with chopped almonds.

Yum! But let’s get back to: THE SNOW!
The snowing started when I went to university – when I went home, the streets were white. The park I always pass by looked like that!

Please excuse this and the next blurry photo – I didn’t have my camera with me, so I had to use my mobile. And yeah, I know it’s not that much snow, but keep in mind that we’re in Vienna!

I love what people do with snow. Cute!

Oooh, how I love this time of the year. It’s freezing cold outside – just right to have a cup of good warm tea.

This awesome cup is from a Christkindlmarkt in Vienna – I love it, I just had to take it. (You always have to pay 2 euros more for a punch which you get back when you take back the cup – if you don’t, you bought it for the 2 euros.) It’s the most beautiful christmas market this year, I think. It’s on Karlsplatz – on this christmas market, there are only people selling really handmade special things. Beautiful!

Oh, well. The snow keeps me in a really good mood today. (Update. Okay, it doesn’t do that the whole day. The prospect on sitting tomorrow 2 1/2 hours alone in a cold hall spoils my mood. A lot.) Later, I’ll go to my sports course and when I come home frozen I’ll have a good cup of hot chocolate. Yum.
See you on the fourth Sunday of Advent – Christmas is coming! (Only 8 days left!)


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