I liked my weekend, but my camera didn’t.

This weekend, I stayed at my Grandma’s in lower Austria. Gosh, I did have a lot of beautiful sights – birds in the birdhouse on the balcony, a snowy landscape glittering in the sun, my cousin’s lovely dog. But my camera hates me. All weekend, it turned itself off after a second whenever I turned it on. Now that I’m back home, it’s working again. ???

Well. If you stay at my Grandma’s, you come back home with food. She loves to give me sweets and I can’t say No. And I don’t want to. Would you say No to this apple strudel?

Yum. I don’t like puff pastry a lot, but if it is apple strudel, I’m all in. Also, I always get a lot of chocolate.

I love those Milka Strawberry-Cream-chocolate hearts. The filling is so good!

And, I got 5 more jars of jam.

Added to my jam jar collection in the storeroom. I get jam from Grandma every time I visit her. It doesn’t matter if I say I can’t eat that much jam, she just says “It doesn’t get bad”. I can’t say No to her, because I love her jam and I love when she’s happy that I want some and I don’t want her to be sad. That’s just it. I won’t stop taking her jam with me if she wants me to. (Could anyone tell me how to make a better photo of jam jars?)

By the way, I drove to Grandma by myself – all alone! I’m a bit proud because I never drove alone for more than 10 minutes – and the trip to Grandma takes me 1 and 1/2 hour! But because I still have to concentrate a lot while driving, it makes me really tired – I could go right to bed now, but I don’t want to. I’m glad I started studying on Friday because I’m not in a hurry now and I don’t really have to study today. So I can sit on the sofa now and watch giant slalom in Vancouver.


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