What I love…

Want to know what I love?

I love making lists. I especially love making lists about the things that I love. It’s like putting my world on a piece of paper. Just more organised.

I love baking. (Good to know, huh?)
I especially love to bake for others. It’s not because I’m really charitable or anything – I mean, I love if people are happy when I bake for them. It’s like Christmas, I love picking presents and seeing people’s faces when they open it. I also love picking recipes and thinking about who would like it. But baking for others isn’t a totally unselfish act. Because I love getting feedback, especially if it’s good one.
So, today I made Chocolate Muffins. For others.

Mum (who I love, too – A lot, actually.) asked me to make some chocolate muffins for her office. (By the way: I love chocolate.) So, I did. It was a good distraction from studying. (I also love my studies. But not the ones I’m cramming in my head right now.)

You may wonder, what the funny toothpicks are doing in those two muffins. (Actually, there’s even a third one in pink.) There are three special muffins. One was for me. (The yellow one.) And two are given away. They contain a yummy surprise. (It’s something very high up on the list of eatable things I love.)

But I have to admit, I’m not a muffin lover. I don’t know, I’ve just never had a muffin that blew me over. (Neither self-made nor bought.) I tried one of those warm and I didn’t really know if I like them – but as I said, I’m not a real muffin lover. Mum tried one by night, when they were already chilled, and she loved it. (Then I tried a piece, too, and yes, they were actually better than before.) She was even tempted to leave them at home instead of bringing them into the office.

But of course, she won’t.

I already put them in their box and they will be on their way in about 7 hours from now. (I love calculating in how many days and hours something will happen.)

I love that it’s getting finally warm. Hooray! The cold isn’t fun anymore when Christmas is over. Oh, I love Christmas.
I also love sleep. This is what I’m going to do now. And I love my huge bed. That got a new neighbour today: a small red rack called Lack. I love Ikea. (I seem to love the word “love”, too. And yes, this post is a bit cheesy.)


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