Muffin Reconsideration.

Did I tell you I’m not a muffin lover? As of today, I am. Give me a glass of skimmed milk and one of these Chocolate Muffins and I’m happy.

I fell in love with those. I know, I made chocolate muffins two weeks ago, but I wanted to try another recipe. And they turned out perfect. These are my kind of muffin. They taste like those Coffeeshop Muffins I always wanted to reproduce.

They are moist and chocolatey. Brownie-like. So chocolatey that a glass of milk with one of those muffins is perfection itself. The one thing they lack is some pieces of chocolate – I will add some next time I bake them. And this next time will definitely come in near future.

Three of them again got a nice surprise in it. But this time, I didn’t need toothpicks to mark them – you can see it yourself. The Rum Coco Candy in them is now on the top instead of the center because they rised so much. And they popped open a bit. It smelled totally like rum. Yum. Rum. (Rum’s only good in Rum Coco Candy. Because it’s sugar rum. Otherwise, rum’s gross.)

I know, this post only contains photos of chocolate muffins. But they’re awesome. And they made me reconsider about my non-muffin-love. I don’t even really like chocolate muffins! But I love those. You know what I even love a lot more in coffeeshops than chocolate muffins? (Besides the Coffee.) Blueberry Muffins. And now I think of this recipe adapted for blueberry muffins. Whoah. My own Coffeeshop Blueberry Muffins. How good will that be?
Some years ago, when our gym classes at school were cancelled, we always went to McDonalds. (Yeah, I know: Fast food instead of sports is not really wise.) It was half past 8 o’clock in the morning (!) and all of my friends would eat chips (or french fries, if you want to call it like that). I know! Gross! My stomach always turned at the sight of that. But when I was hungry, too, I always would eat a Blueberry Muffin. Those big coffeeshop/fast food chain blueberry muffins will always remind me of those good ol’ times. Haha. That’s what I call Mood Food.

Have fun with the last muffin photo and another piece of our Easter decoration.

A Chickey! 🙂 (Ask me for the recipe if you want it! It’s worth it. I’ll put it in some other time.) (UPDATE: This awesome recipe can now be found in the recipe index! Enjoy!)


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  1. Jen
    Mar 10, 2010 @ 03:26:01



  2. dc
    Jun 16, 2010 @ 17:32:33

    would u send me the recipe plz ?


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