The sun’s finally shining! It’s warm outside. Of course, this weather has to be enjoyed. Where can you enjoy it better than in the Viennese MuseumsQuartier? Of course, I took my camera with me. (You’ll find my favourite photo in the end!)

I love it here. I met up with a friend to talk about a presentation we have to do.
Later, we sat in the park with some friends of his. Sunlight! (And: I sat in the park with people I didn’t know – well, except one. That was a lot for me, haha.)

I love university and it’s even better when it’s warm. You can sit in the park before the building when you have an hour break and you don’t freeze – no, you get a tan! You get to know even more people because everybody can invite their friends to come sit without having to ask the host of the party.

Right now, there are sculptures of intestines at the MQ. (They actually are a bar.)

I love the colours!

What I also love about university is that you don’t get pigeonholed. At school, after a year (at the most), you are the one you will be until the end of school. You can’t change it, you will never be seen different. I wasn’t really dissatisfied with my image at school – I also didn’t really care. But at university, no one knows how your grades were. When you get an A, everyone’s happy for you, there are no “geeky” ones who get laughed at because they have good grades. Nobody knows who you were at school, whether you belonged to the “cool kids” or not. I love that. I love that I started studying alone without any friends of mine doing the same thing. I needed to find new people to talk to – I didn’t have any other possibility. And I like all the people I found so much. I also love my friends I know from school, but it’s different. The people I met since last year know me the way I am right now. And I like being different from myself at school.

I also love to be a lot more independent. I always made my own food and that but now I’m even more often away from home. It’s different.
Last week, I made Spinach Feta Toast.


And here comes my favourite photo of the day. I love it. Even though it’s a bit blurry.

Enjoy the sunlight!


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