I’m a sleepy koala bear…

(I just couldn’t decide whether to have the word “sleepy” or “koala” in the title.)

Today was a long day. It has been a pretty long weekend. (My weekend doesn’t end by Sunday night because I don’t have any lectures on Monday.)
This is when I love to lie in my bed in the dark and look out of the window.

I love the street lights that shine in. That’s what I always miss when I’m in the countryside.

My long weekend consisted of a Saturday of shopping (yay!), studying, baking, cooking and running. I extended my running loop!
My Sunday consisted of 5 hours working without sitting even once – I handed out flyers during the Vienna city marathon in a pretty embarassing outfit. Want to see it?

I wore the same the guy on the left does – including helmet. Yes. I made photos with a lot of tourists… The things you do to earn some money… But at least I wasn’t alone and it was actually fun with the girls I worked with.

After work, I was at home for almost two hours, then I had to go to the theatre. On my way, the underground train broke down, and I had to find a bus and another underground line to get there – a distance that normally takes me half an hour took me more than one full hour. I was more than half an hour late for the theatre. But they were so nice there! The ticket says if you’re late, you’re only allowed to go in when there’s a break, but I asked a guy anyway and he was really nice and told me I should ask an attendant to give me some free seat in a quiet place. He sent me to another really nice guy who sent me upstairs and told me the same. Then I had to ask a not so nice woman who said something like “Well, you know you’re really late?” (and I told her that the underground train broke down but afterwards I thought I shouldn’t have done that because what’s that of her business?), but she gave me a seat anyway. And funny thing was, behind me came the guy who got in the theatre with me (and was very polite because he held both doors open for me) but then just looked into the bookshop – then he saw me asking someone and followed because he also was late, but apparently didn’t want to ask anyone if he could get in anyway. Haha, he totally fit the cliché of the man that doesn’t want to ask for help.

Today I got up at half past six to meet a doctor. I have to drive half an hour there. But good thing was: There I went into a shop and found this.

Koala Cocoa Bears! How awesome is that! I recently talked with my cousin about how we miss them and we thought they weren’t available anymore! These sweets are one of the typical sweets of my childhood, haha.

Of course I had to try them instantly. And they’re yummy! (I couldn’t remember how they tasted anymore.) They’re also available with milk cream filling, my cousin told me, but they only had cocoa today.

Look how cute: Small Koala cookies!

Aaaaaw! Yes, I’m enthusiastic about some koala cookies. Childhood memories!

Then I studied. Later I went to another appointment. Then I studied. Then I had my sports course – but it was dreadful today. From my extended running loop and my job and getting up early, I was tired, my body ached and I couldn’t lift my hands and feet anymore. Bah. Now I’m really looking forward to some sleep.

Oh, and yes, in case you’re missing the bakery photos. This is all that’s left:

It once was my favourite Lemon Cake. (The perfect, moist and yummy lemon cake I like despite not liking lemon cake. I already mentioned it here. And here.) And my Mum’s favourite. And hopefully a favourite of the lovely people my parents brought half of the cake because they were invited there. And now, this is what’s left. Mum already “reserved” it for breakfast, haha.

Long post, long sentences. But I don’t care – you want to know why? This is my blog! This is the one place where I can be selfish all along. Ha!
Oh, I’m tired and talking nonsense. Good night, good night! I’ll sleep tight…


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