Smells like honey…

It has been a quiet weekend. Good for me, good for my studying progress. So there was even time to bake. I made something that was on my waiting list for quite a long time.
Today was the day for Honey Kipferl.

I just don’t find an English word for “Kipferl”. Kipferl are crescent-shaped pastries. They can look a bit like Croissants, but Croissants are from France and made from puff pastry. Kipferl are made from yeast dough.

Those Kipferl are special. The dough was very sticky – it contains quark and buttermilk. But I’m quite in practice in shaping crescents!

I almost got all to look the same!

Then, they got baked for only 8 or 10 minutes, until they were already slightly browned.

Meanwhile, I heated honey and stirred in a bit of butter – the Kipferl got brushed with this icing.

Then, they were baked again for 5-8 minutes . And while the wonderful smell of honey wafted through the flat, I put out those golden brown honey Kipferl.

Oh, and they were yummy! They’re a bit crispy at the ends, just how I like it. The honey icing is perfect! (Dear German-speaking readers, here‘s the recipe. But I had to use a lot more flour, the dough is really, really sticky! Dear English-speaking ones, it’s easy, just write me a comment, and I’ll send it to you immediately. I will type it in soon anyway. You could also make a normal yeast dough and brush your pastries with the honey icing – it’s really just 2-3 tablespoons honey and a teaspoon butter – after several minutes. The icing is easy, but so yummy. The dough and therefore the overall taste would be different, though.)

I’m glad I had the time to make them. My next exam and a presentation I’m really nervous about are moving closer and closer. But you can’t study the whole day, right?
Today, there also was the election for Austria’s Federal President. I love elections. I love stepping in the polling booth and casting my vote. I don’t know why – it feels like changing something, even if it’s just one vote in millions. It feels so grown-up, haha!

After voting, I studied. A honey Kipferl and a coffee with Mum on the balcony (Sun! Sunshine!!!) were the perfect break from studying in between.

I hope I’ll have time for that next weekend, too. Because then, I should really have everything in my head I need. No party, no baking – cramming things in my head is on the schedule.

I’m already so looking forward for the evening Wednesday after this week. Then, my exam is over, my presentation is over and I’ll have fun in the pub with friends, I think. That is, if I don’t fall asleep before going there. Going out is just no fun for me when I’m tired. Friday, I was at a friend’s party and I was so tired that kind of everything got on my nerves – particularly people. (Yeah, I know. People get on my nerves at a party. Not really compatible.)
At 2 o’clock, I decided to go home. So I went to the bus nightline stop. Since I’m used to having to change bus lines at least once because I live the farthest away from the city among my friends, I didn’t even look a lot at the bus plan. After waiting for 15 minutes, I thought, I should maybe still look at where the bus in the other direction would go. Then I saw – hey, the bus stops right in my district before it comes here, I should get to the stop for the other direction! Well, and then I wanted to go over the street and right in front of me, my bus drove away. (You should know that in the night, the busses come in intervalls of half an hour at least.)
That was really annoying, but strangely, I stayed really calm. First, I wanted to get mad at myself for not looking one minute earlier on the plan (One minute!), but then I kind of thought “I can’t change it anymore. At least I can listen to my new album and read my book now.” (Yes, that was all in my bag.), put in my earphones, turned on my music and flipped open my book. I was so glad to get home soon that I just wanted this bus to come whenever it would come – the important thing was that it would bring me home. In the middle of the night I stood there for half an hour, listening to music and reading my book – I couldn’t even stop reading when I was already sitting in the bus. I got strange looks. (And I just needed an hour for getting home, that means sleeeep – yay!)


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  1. and flowers pick themselves
    May 03, 2010 @ 02:17:26

    you have me craving these gorgeous pastries. they look so yummy!

    xo Alison


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