Cosy Home.

Since there was no inspiration for me this weekend to bake something, I’d like to show you photos from Mum’s and my recent girls’ afternoon.

For Mum’s latest birthday, I gave her a box of nail care and other beauty products and a DVD with a voucher for a girl’s afternoon together with vegetable sticks and a dip she can choose (recipes to choose from were included). This is what we made last weekend.
Mum chose an Avocado Dip. Good choice, even I liked it, although I normally don’t like avocado.

So, I squashed an avocado,

put it in a bowl with sour cream, yoghurt and garlic

and seasoned it with salt and pepper.

We ate it with carrot sticks.

And it was yummy! We liked it. But we needed something sweet afterwards because of the garlic taste.

With a funny girly DVD and this

we had a lovely, cosy girls’ afternoon at home.

I love home. I love living here. But the weather lately is getting on my nerves.
It’s rainy all the time.
I recently decided, I can’t go to the National Library anymore. I love the Austrian National Library to study.

But every time in the last weeks, when I got out of the library, the sky was dark and cloudy. (By the way, this is the Viennese Heldentor.)

And then, it started to rain.

Lawn sprinklers and rain. Uhm – good combination? (And a little tourist bus!) Looks like the sky was getting lighter already – but it gives the wrong impression.
That day, when I went to the underground, it wasn’t just a little bit rain, it was raining extremely much – when you were out for 5 minutes you got soaked to the skin. In the underground, that looked awesome. Those young tourists kind of freaked out at the sight of flooded stairs.

All that I heard was “Miss! Miss! It’s hailing! It’s HAILING!!!” Haha. I love Vienna. But I’d love it more with good weather.


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  1. kirsty
    May 25, 2010 @ 12:51:58

    hungry enough as it is and your blog has made me starving x


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