Going nuts

This title is incredibly uncreative, buuut we went nuts over this cake!

And it was a Quark Nut Cake.

This cake is something really, really good. I made it in my little spring form and we already ate half of it. (Only Mum and I because the rest isn’t that fond of cake that doesn’t contain chocolate. Grr.)

I found a hint online and just had to make it. The recipe sounds good, the cake is even better. It’s so moist! And tasty!
Since I had to get up really early but university started not until afternoon, this is what I made in the morning. It was also kind of a Welcome Cake for Mum who came back from a two-day seminar.

But the plain cake looked sooo boring. So I decided to ornament it: It got a butterfly on top!

Fits in spring! (Although it doesn’t look like spring here in Vienna.)

Speaking of spring: We already had a little bit of sun here. (End of May. Wow.) Bounty made the most of it and didn’t come off the balcony.
She loves the sun. It makes her fur warm and cosy.

Also, her cat grass is on the balcony. And my little rabbit cat loves her grass.

I want the sun to be here more often! It’s always raining – rain is good if it’s really warm, but at the moment, it’s always getting too cold when the rain starts.

But I’ll just comfort myself with this awesome quark nut cake. Try it yourself!

German-speaking readers find the recipe here. I used ground almonds and chopped hazelnuts and demerara sugar. (And only half of the recipe because I made it in the little spring form.)
English-speaking readers find the recipe in my recipe index.


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  1. myluckytown
    Jun 12, 2010 @ 12:57:30

    Your cat is so cute! 🙂


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