Buon anniversario!

It’s Mum and Dad’s wedding day today. Since they’re in Italy at the moment: Buon anniversario, amati genitori!

And happy anniversary to my blog. It’s its first birthday today – yaaay!

One year ago, I made a strawberry cake for my parents. The decoration was cocoa marzipan and the photo looked really ugly. I hope I improved myself!

Since there is no reason to bake something for my parents because they will not come home for another week, I decided to bake something that I, and I alone, want. It’s the anniversary of my own little thing and I celebrate it with my own little cheesecake muffins.

I know they look a bit strange. They’re not photogenic. But they’re cheesecake muffins. That’s their excuse for everything. They have a cocoa chocolate base and a cheesecake top. I’ve wanted to try them for months and today I decided, I would.

But, well, they didn’t turn out as good as expected, because the crust isn’t crispy or cookie-like at all. I only eat the top, but that’s really good, especially when cooled with hot coffee.

Happy anniversary, blog! Maybe in this second year, I finally figure out how to give you a layout makeover.
Happy anniversary, Mum and Dad – I know you won’t read this before you get home, so I hope you had awesome pizza and pasta. And gelato. And panna cotta. And panini. And beautiful weather! (And Mum, I freezed some cheesecake muffins for you and me. Looking forward to a cup of coffee with you.)


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  1. myluckytown
    Jun 12, 2010 @ 12:55:45

    Happy anniversary of your blog! The muffins looks yummy 🙂


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