This is why.

This is why I love Berlin. I won’t have to write a lot, the photos speak for themselves.

In Berlin, there are totally cute traffic lights.

In Berlin, there’s great art everywhere. Officially…

and kind of unofficially, I guess.

Art can also be kind of funny.

In Berlin, there are parks everywhere.

There’s also awesome Turkish food everywhere you can eat in those parks. (I mean, really awesome Turkish food. We also have Turkish food in Vienna, but it’s not that good.)

In Berlin, there are great little shops everywhere. Some also have great names.

This is an ice cream parlour called “Cold War”.

In Berlin, “Metropolis” was filmed.

And so was “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”.

In Berlin, there are people everywhere around-the-clock. Whether you are at a tourist spot…

or not.

In Berlin, you can find a club like that. Next to the river, with floats and green trees. In Berlin, you can have one of best nights ever.

I totally and utterly and completely want to go back to Berlin.

(I wrote this post during the night. Yes, I get really sentimental when it’s late.)


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  1. myluckytown
    Aug 17, 2010 @ 21:03:53

    Ah. I’ve always wanted to go to Berlin! Seeing your photos, makes me want to go even more. Some day! Some day….


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