Can muffins heal the flu?

Please. Could they? Pleeease. I have the flu. And it’s not going away. I’ve caught this damn flu more than a week ago and it won’t go away. So, let’s see if my favourite chocolate muffins can help.

Well, they’re actually not for me. Because I have some social responsibilities. Like, going to birthday parties. Like, working on a theatre project. And I’m lying around without being in the mood for anything. Huff.

But anyway, I baked those muffins as a present for my dear friend, the birthday kid. She likes to party a lot. So, to make those little darlings even more tasty for her, I put in those cuties. Rum coco balls.

Along with a whole lot of chocolate chips.

Those have to be healing, right?

So, I will be off to her flat later. I’ll place myself in front of her, light a candle on a muffin and give her her birthday muffin tower.

I hope she likes it. I hope my brother can pick me up after I stay for a drink and then I can go to bed again. I hope I survive tomorrow because it’s going to be a long day.

(How long can a flu take? Why don’t I know that? Because I’m never sick. NEVER! Groar.)

(UPDATE: Interested in the recipe? Look it up in my recipe index.)


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