Sugar plus cinnamon equals…

NOMNOMNOM! as Cookie Monster would say.

This is my favourite spice Cinnamon combined with lovely, lovely White Sugar.

Sugar and cinnamon like each other very much. I think it’s legitimate to dream about them having children. Those would look like this: A little baby cookie dough ball rolled in cinnamon sugar. Goodness.

What about putting those little sweeties in the oven? Oh! They turn into a bunch of crunchy sugar cinnamon cookies!

Crunchy and sugary on the outside, soft in the middle. Yum.

A friend of mine moved and I thought about what to give her. I decided to put my cinnamon sugar babies in a bag and give it to her.

Of course, I first asked her whether or not she likes cinnamon. It’s strange, but it turns out there are people in this world that don’t like the best spice there is on this planet. Fortunately, she did. But we had a discussion about cinnamon or oregano being the best spice. Oregano? You can’t beat cinnamon!

After I looked at her great flat and drank some tea, she already had eaten half of the bag. I like that!
My Mum ate the rest I left at home. And ordered more.
I think those cookie babies are raised with love.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. kirsty
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 13:49:21

    they look delicious xxx


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