Cookie Treats.

Trick or Treat? Trick or Cookies?

Wait. I have cookies. No tricks. Only Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookies.

They’re crunchy and tasty. They taste like caramel. (You can find the recipe in my recipe index.)

But again, they were not for me. I put them in a little bag. Again. I made a Cookie Tower.

And I put this bag in another little bag full of presents.

There were some other thingies in there because for a good old friend’s birthday, great cookies are not enough.

A lovely necklace – that miraculously fitted perfectly to the outfit she wore today! -, a flower soap (It looked nice!) – and what’s the thing on the left?

Well, you can’t eat cookies without some good beverage.

It’s Cocoa Powder for Hot Chocolate! In lovely varieties, like berry hot chocolate. Yum!

Oh yum. I think I want to give myself a bag of presents.

To give this post a nice ending, I’ll show you the lovely snout of my own living little present. Bounty.


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  1. Ai
    Nov 10, 2010 @ 14:15:06

    Love your blog♥ Everything seems really yummy!! I made chocolate chip cookies the other day for my boyfriend’s sister and dad for their birthdays 😀 But I don’t have an oven so I had to make it with an incredibly tiny toaster oven haha. No need to say, my cookies didn’t look as good as yours 😛 haha



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