What to do with a box full of apples.

First: Make apple sauce.

Oooh, yummy. Mix it with yoghurt for breakfast. You know you want it!

Then, go to the Christkindlmarkt (Christmas market) at Rathausplatz in Vienna.

What can you find there?

A china apple?

But it’s not just a china apple. You can open it.

Actually, it’s an Apple Roaster.

What can you put in an apple shaped apple roaster? Well. Apples, of course!
Do you already know me? Then you know: No apples without cinnamon.

Actually, the apple roaster is there to make baked apples. You can fill them with marzipan. And nuts. Yummy.
But I also love to just put in apple pieces and some peanut butter on them. Just a bit.

Then, turn on the candle light.

And wait. And smell. And wait. And enjoy. Warm apple. Best winter dessert.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Charlotte
    Nov 26, 2010 @ 01:50:51

    beautiful photos and such a cute, quaint little story line. 🙂


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