Snow on the First

Today I woke up and I realized that it was snowing. It’s still snowing in Vienna. A lot. There was snow on my window sill.

What’s lying there in the snow?

Well, I also woke up and realized it is the first day of December. This means Christmas is coming. This means to open the Advent calendar.

Yes, I still have an Advent calendar. I’m going to have one until I die. Every year. And this year, this one’s awesome. It’s from Manner, and it’s filled with nougat chocolate. That’s the thing in the snow on my window sill above.

But the snow was more exciting than the chocolate. I mean, it’s December. It’s snowing. Please, can the snow stay here until Christmas?
There was so much snow on my window sill, I could shape little snow balls.

And then, I threw them away.

Can you see it flying?

By the way, Mum and I also baked something else than cookies this weekend. On Monday, it was my Dad’s birthday and I gave him a Marble Bundt Cake. (And a book.)

We had a nice birthday breakfast. I love that Marble Bundt Cake is our family cake – Everyone loves it. It’s half gone in an hour.

Happy Birthday and Happy Name Day, Dad! (I didn’t forget the Name Day thing, I just forgot to tell you.)


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