Vanilla White.

Vienna’s white. Still. It doesn’t stop being white. What’s also white? Vanilla crescents.

Vanilla crescrents are Mum’s and my traditional biscuits.

It wouldn’t be fun to bake them alone. In the past, I wasn’t really good at shaping the crescrents. I always fumbled around to get the shape just as Mum did it, but it never worked out. This year, it’s the first year in which my crescents just look the same as hers.

Shaped like that, they’re ready to get baked.

But baking’s not everything about vanilla crescents. Because when they’re baked, they’re just crescents. Not vanilla. I always leave that part to Mum because I’m afraid I’m going to break them. Vanilla crescents get bathed. In white dust. A vanilla powdered sugar bath.

And then, we have the vanilla on the crescents.

While Mum bathes the biscuits, I put them in their biscuit tin. Our vanilla crescents have their own biscuit tin. I always save it just for them. Because they just fit perfectly in.

Do you want to see the whole biscuit tin? I love it. It’s the vanilla crescent home. It’s from Edinburgh, a friend of Mum gave it to her. And it has this cool thing in the lid, some stuff that absorbs moisture. So it’s a real, real, real biscuit tin.

I hope I find one that is just as good as that (and even prettier) in London. Next week! (I’m also going to buy measuring cups. Yay!)


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