See you, Vienna.

Mum and I are leaving. Tomorrow. We are leaving behind the men in our family for a 4-day-trip to London. Yay!
But Mum made them something tasty before. While I was at university and writing a test, she made Linzer Augen (Linzer Eyes).


Yes, my Mum can bake really really good too. She’s the one that showed me how to bake – With her, I made my first cake. (Well, actually, she made it and I licked out the bowl. It was marble bundt cake. Two bowls to lick out!)

So, tomorrow morning, we leave our kitchen and our biscuits behind for some days. We leave whole snowy Vienna behind. It’s still covered in snow.

But not for long, because the snow is fading. Today, we have plus degrees again and it’s dripping everywhere. The lovely winter wonderland around me is melting down.

And it’s not snowing anymore. One week ago, I couldn’t imagine it would ever stop snowing.

So we’re leaving. Bye bye, melting Vienna! See you in a few days!


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