Biscuit Day.

This weekend, it was Biscuit Day again. Maybe you remember our last year’s Biscuit Baking Orgy. Of course, this year, we did the same. It’s going to be traditional.

Some biscuits we made were the same as last year’s biscuits. For example, our best ones: Cinnamon Stars.

By the way, if you’re done with always seeing photos of those awesome cinnamon stars (yes, they are awesome) and want to have some to eat for yourself, take a look at my recipe index. They’re in there!

But some were not the same as last year’s biscuits. Read on!

We had new ideas. One of us likes cinnamon stars even better without the glaze. So, we baked some with and some without white sugar glaze.

And this was a great idea. They are prettier with the glaze, I know. But they taste great without. Not so sweet, just like cinnamon.

Then, we tried some new biscuits. I really, really wanted to bake Nougat Hearts.

The dough tastes great. And it smells like pure nougat!

In between, we treated ourselves to a bit of sparkling wine.

That’s important for a girl’s baking orgy.

Then, the nougat hearts got baked.

And they’re great! You don’t taste the nougat a lot, they kind of taste like gingerbread and spices mixed with nougat. And they’re crunchy. Yummy.

And then we made our other traditional ones: Linzer Biscuits.

We always put lemon in the dough. That just tastes awesome. It makes the dough so yellow.

We also baked some of the little inner pieces of dough – Those were our little biscuit babies.

And dunked them in the jam we used to put the Linzer Biscuits together. Oh yum.

The jam in between the biscuits is rasberry jam and josta berry jam. (And we made five ones with apricot jam, for my brother who’s the only one that likes that.) I didn’t know josta berries! The jam tastes great, it’s a combination of sour and sweet.

In the end, we needed coffee. Because some of us were also going to party that night. 🙂

It was a really successful and lovely biscuit day. Now we have fresh biscuits until Christmas – Only 3 days left!


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  1. Ai
    Dec 21, 2010 @ 18:23:57

    Omg. I want all of them. Right now haha. They all look soooo yummy♥ I wouldn’t mind replacing my meals with these amazing cookies 😛



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