Potatoes on Bread.

This post is going to be about potatoes. Actually, about Potato Cheese. Potato cheese? Well, there’s no English word for it, actually. It’s an Austrian speciality which we call Erdäpfelkas. [eːadœpfœkaːs] – Or something like that. I’m still not good at phonetics.

Erdäpfelkas is great on bread. And just to eat plain with a spoon.

At the New Year’s Eve party this year, there was Erdäpfelkas to eat. And it was so good – I had to ask about the recipe! And I told everyone attending the party to try it.
And now, one month after New Year’s Eve, I finally made my own bowl.

To make it, you have to boil and peel potatoes. About 20 small ones, or about 700 gramme.

I know, peeling potatoes is annoying. But afterwards, you’re allowed to mash them!

Then, dice one small onion. Really, really tiny. Add it to your potatoes and also put one cup of sour cream in.

It’s a bit thick now. So, we add something else. Cream. Not a lot, I think I took about 100 ml, less than 1/2 cup.

And now, start with the spices. Pepper and salt. A lot of it! The potatoes and the cream seem to soak it all up.

I like a lot of pepper. Stir stir stir, spice spice spice. Until it’s how you like it.

Now you have a bowl of great and yummy Erdäpfelkas.

To make it look even prettier, put some paprika powder and parsley on top.

Now, you can put this pretty bowl on your dining table. We had a lovely lunch – I put some spoons in the bowl and toasted some slices of bread. Yummy! This is mood food.


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