Bunny Buns.

Dear all,
Happy Easter

(Deutsche Version.)

I know I didn’t post for a long time, but I wasn’t sitting around doing nothing. For example, I had a look at great, great Amsterdam.

Absolutely beautiful city. But now I’m back. And it’s Easter time. So! Easter Bunnies! Last year, I made these ones, and this year, it’ll be yeast dough again. I adore yeast dough.

It’s so puffy and nice to knead. Yeast dough recipes are very similar, but I still have my favourite one, the one Mum and I use all the time.

1 sachet dry yeast
70 g
(1/3 cup) sugar
a pinch of salt
500 g (4 cups) flour
about 70 g (half a stick) butter
250 ml (1 cup) of milk
1 egg
1 additional egg for brushing

Well, you know how to make a yeast dough, right? Mix it together, knead and knead and knead the dough and let it rise! (If you need a more elaborated explanation, you can find the whole recipe here.)

And after that, take the puffy dough out of the bowl. Distribute it in 10 parts, and out of every single part you knead those three little pieces.

This is what your little bunny will be made of. Roll a body, stick on a tail and the head – Use the glue of nature: eggwhite. Don’t forget to cut the head to make some rabbit ears! And that’s how your doughy friend will look like.

But there’s something missing: Your friend needs eyes to look for places to hide eastereggs. I think this is one of the reasons, raisins exist.

So put a raisin as eye on each bunny. Then brush them with egg yolk and a bit of milk and if you want, put coarse sugar on top. Then, they’re ready to be baked.

So put them in the preheated oven for about 10 minutes at 180°C (350°F). And you will get a golden brown bunch of bunny buns.

Give them to your friends and family! They’ll make a lovely easter breakfast.


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