Feta Food.

I just had such an incredibly good dinner that I have to post this right now. Go to the store, buy feta and make it. Do it!

(Deutsche Version.)

Grilled Spinach Feta Bread.

1-2 slices of good bread (like self-made Stone Oven Bread)
2 handfuls (frozen) spinach leaves
about 50 gr feta
sesame seeds

Unfreeze the spinach and blanch it for 3 minutes in boiling water. Meanwhile, toast the bread just a little bit.
Preheat your oven to the highest temperature – If you have this function, turn on the oven grill.
Squeeze the water out of the spinach softly, put it on the bread, put feta on it and sprinkle sesame seeds on top.

Put the bread in the oven and let it in until the sesame seeds and the feta are browned.
While it’s in there, slice some olives.

I love olives with feta.

So when your bread is ready, take it out and put the olives on top. The sesame seeds should be roasted

…and the feta should be soft. Dig in!

And with the rest of the feta… Make summer food the next day! Add it to a lot of vegetables – Salad, tomatoes and cucumber.

Dear people, if you have parents like mine who look so much after you that you get a box full of green and healthy things once in a while, be thankful. Eat it and consider yourself fortunate because that’s just great. Write a blog post about it to thank them. (Dear parents of other people, give your children vegetables. It’s good for them. They’ll hopefully be really happy and love you even more.)
I also have a Mum that brings me olive oil as a souvenir from France. I think that’s awesome. It’s lemon oil and it’s so yummy.

So this went into my salad and also – of course – olives. And balsamic vinegar.

Oh yummy. This is a summer salad – And summer’s coming quickly. And if you have a balcony or even a garden, please enjoy it in the sun. Makes it even better.


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