111. Hamburg.

Mum and I went to Hamburg last week. And it was great. So the 111th post of I really take the cake… will be dedicated to this beautiful city. (I actually forgot the 2nd birthday of the blog this year. But 111 is prettier anyway!)

Want to see some photos? (Deutsche Version.)

Of course, my new baby was with me. So, I made photos of almost everything we saw. And everything we ate. (This is after all still a food blog! 😉 )

Oh yummy. It was a lot of fish. Well, it’s Hamburg! You have to eat fish there. Especially in the harbor!
And one of the best things I ate was simple, but great. You can see it top right: Rice pudding in a place called Lieblings. In English, that’s “Favourite…”. Pretty good name if you ask me, because you can to everything with that: Lieblingseis (= favourite ice cream), Lieblingsfrühstück (= favourite breakfast), Lieblingsmilchreis (= favourite rice pudding). It was our Lieblingscafé = favourite café.

The weather wasn’t great. In Hamburg, this seems to be called Schietwetter. It was dark. And cloudy. But that seems to be normal. And we weren’t bothered that much.

Sometimes, you could even see the sun!

And so many other things.

Especially a lot of water.

Because we were in the harbor a lot. It’s so beautiful!

But there are also beautiful parks. It’s a green city.

It’s the green capital of Europe 2011!

But it can also be blazing colour- and sinful. On the Reeperbahn.

We liked it better in daylight. But then, we liked it a lot.

Bye Hamburg, see you soon!


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  1. thestoryimliving
    Jul 17, 2012 @ 13:49:32

    I just wrote a blogg about Hamburg as well (http://wp.me/p2xq14-1a , if you’re interested), I see yours is already a year ago… At that time we just heard we got an apartment in Hamburg and we are now living there since last September 🙂
    Do you still think back about how your visit to Hamburg was?


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