Dearest Mum.

Happy Birthday! Since I’m in lovely Stockholm, I can only tell you from far away. Have a great day, love you!

Last week, we pre-celebrated Mum’s birthday. With a Black Forest Cake. (Deutsche Version.)

It was the first layer cake I ever made – And now I know what’s so hard about it. It’s so much work! It’s so much cleaning afterwards! It’s so much waiting for something to cool!
But this cake was worth it, because it was for a really special occasion. And Mum loves Black Forest Cake.

German readers can find the recipe here – I didn’t change a thing because I was actually really anxious before making it. If anyone of my English speaking readers wants to have the ingredients translated, please just ask.

When making a layer cake, you need something to make layers of. So you have to bake a sponge cake.

Then, you have to cut this sponge twice horizontally. Woaw! Thank God I have a Mummy that taught me stuff like this. So, I used fine string to cut it – This way, the layers are cut evenly. (This works better if there are two of you. Dad held the cake for me while I cut. Thanks!)

So then you should have 3 layers of cake.

Yes? Great. Now, you need alcohol. Kirschwasser, to be specific. It’s a cherry liqueur.
You also need a jar of sour cherries. From this jar, you take the cherries and most of the cherry juice and you make a pudding out of it with some sugar and starch flour. In there comes a jigger of Kirschwasser.
Another jigger of Kirschwasser is distributed on two of the sponge cake layers.
And then, the cherry pudding is also distributed on those two layers where it can cool and get thick.

I think I got a bit drunk while tasting the pudding. Baking’s hard.

When the pudding’s completely cooled, you whip a looot of cream with some vanilla sugar quite stiff.
From your amount of whipped cream, you take a quarter and put it on one of your layers with cherry pudding.

Then, on top of this comes the other layer with cherry pudding. Then you take another quarter of whipped cream and put it on this layer of cherry pudding.

And on top comes the last layer of sponge cake! That’s why it’s called layer cake.

And then, you put whipped cream everwhere. For me, this was the hardest part, because there were crumbles of cake in the cream all the time and it didn’t look very pretty. But who cares if everything will be covered in chocolate curls?

I hope you left some whipped cream, because then you can also make some cream swirls. On those, you can put maraschino cherries. And if you have, and I had – because it’s Mum’s cake! -, chocolate hearts.

Oh, and don’t forget the birthday candles!

That’s it! Eat it now or put it in the fridge for a night – I heard that’s better -, but enjoy!

The first piece will always look a bit smushed (oh, but yummy!)…

…but then, you can pass out pretty pieces. (And if not, who cares about the look?)

Happy Birthday, Mum! I hope you have a great one. (And I miss you two!)


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