Hello September. Hello Change.

It’s September already? Wow. Time flies. Summer’s over.

And summer was great.
I’ve been to Stockholm.

Stockholm’s pretty. (Deutsche Version.) The stores are full of crispbread. You can eat Kanelbullar every single day. The inner city smells like waffles and cinnamon everywhere. I had a birthday drink. Because I’m 20 now.

In Stockholm, you can always see water. And bikes. It’s really pretty.

And then, I visited my favourite city in the whole world. I know, I haven’t been to every city in this world, but it just can’t get better than Berlin is.
I flew a kite. I walked through the rain. I found great ice cream .

I love Berlin.

And now, summer’s over. And change is there. Because I will move out. I will have my own flat with my own kitchen. And I can’t tell you how excited I am. Stay tuned for some home furnishing posts and my new kitchen! But unfortunately, this will still take some time.

But hey, you know what September also means? Pumpkin time!

Is there any yummier vegetable than pumpkin? Let’s see what we are going to do with that.


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