Warming Stew.

Happy Halloween! You may think this post is about another pumpkin dish.

Sorry to disappoint you. The important thing today is the vegetable behind the pumpkin. An aubergine. Or eggplant, as you may call it. I cooked Maghmour. (Deutsche Version.)

You find pumpkin recipes all over the world right now. Because it’s Halloween tomorrow. Well, we know, I can never get enough of pumpkin dishes (like this one) – But I live in Austria. We don’t celebrate Halloween. Well, we do now, but it’s not part of any tradition. When I was little, I liked collecting sweets, dressed up as a little witch (I aaalways was a witch – I dreamt of getting a letter from Hogwarts). But I have always hated dressing up. And I still hate it. I’m not eager to go Halloween parties because you have to dress up there. So, just let’s make a warm stew for Halloween – Because it’s the right time to eat warm stew.

I found the little aubergine on a farmer’s market. And I immediately knew, I wanted to finally try out Maghmour. If you understand German, you can find the recipe here. For all the others, read on.

You need:

1 aubergine/eggplant
1 can chickpeas (about 220 g)
1 can tomatoes – But I took 2 big beef tomatoes!
1 tablespoon tomato paste – I needed 2 because of the fresh tomatoes
3 onions – I just took a big one
2 garlic cloves
1 tablespoon dried mint – I left it out because I can’t tolerate mint..
some olive oil
about 300 ml water
(herbal) salt and pepper

Wash the aubergine and cut it in cubes. Roast the cubes in olive oil and put them aside.
Roughly dice the onions and sweat them in oil. Add the chickpeas and the tomate paste and stir. Then, add the roughly chopped tomatoes and the aubergine cubes and fill up with water. Press the garlic (together with the mint, if you want to put it in) and put it in the pot. Season with salt and pepper.

Let it cook at medium head for about 30 minutes. Stir once in a while.
Have flatbread with it. (It’s so nice to scoop up the sauce.)

Yes, I bought the flatbread – I didn’t make it myself. Why? Because some other farmhouse bread was waiting to be baked.

And it is sooo yummy. Really.

But first, make Maghmour. Perfect for a cold autumn night. Dig in!


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