Much-loved Visitors.

I invited my parents for lunch today. And I cooked a Viennese speciality: Krautfleckerl. Which is cabbage pasta.

Doesn’t sound good? Oh, believe me, it is. (Deutsche Version.)

It was great to invite them officially for lunch. I made my flat pretty and put some candles and nice napkins on the table. I put on a vintage skirt and a cute apron to make me look a bit Mad Men-y. I was pretty excited. And I hoped that my food would be great – I made this dish for the first time.

For Krautfleckerl, you need a head of white cabbage.

You have to clean it and cut it in nice fine stripes. Then, put those in a bowl and salt them – They “sweat” a bit. After 15 minutes, you can squeeze a bit of liquid out.

Meanwhile, dice an onion and melt quite a bit of butter in a big pan.

Before you throw in the onion dices, put in about 10 grammes of sugar and let it caramelise.

Now you can throw the onion in and roast it. Then, put the cabbage strips in the pan. Also, put a bit of caraway in.
Cover the pan and let it cook for about an hour. Stir once in a while!

When the cabbage is cooked and browned

…you can cook the pasta. You don’t really get Fleckerl outside of Austria. (Google them if you want to know how they look.) Farfalle (or bow tie pasta) are great for this dish, too.

When they’re cooked al dente, let them drain and put them in the pan with the cabbage. Stir and season with salt and quite a bit of pepper. And serve! Best with a fresh green salad.

I have always liked Krautfleckerl, but it was so yummy even I was surprised. Tasted like eating in a ski hut after a long day in the snow.

And Mum and Dad liked it, too. Dad is absolutely no fan of cabbage, but he refilled his plate twice! I have to admit, I was pretty proud. And so happy!

Afterwards, we had a nice and warm punch at the christmas market.

Great day. Best parents in the world. I hope we can repeat that soon.


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