Dad’s Day.

Happy birthday, Daddy! I hope you still have a piece of your Malakoff Cake left.

Since we’re living apart now, we celebrated Dad’s birthday on Sunday. (Deutsche Version.) So, there wasn’t only the first candle on the Advent wreath burning.

Malakoff cake is a very Austrian cake. It’s not that difficult to make. You don’t even need an oven. I made a small one in my mini springform with 18 cm diameter. You just have to make a cream of

2 egg yolks
75 g ground peeled almonds
65 ml cream
100 g powdered sugar
75 g margarine

by first beating the margarine creamy and then slowly adding sugar, egg yolks, almonds and cream. It should be really stiff.
You also need a pack of ladyfingers and about a cup of strong coffee mixed with quite a bit of rum.

Lay out the springform with parchment paper. And then, you can layer the cake. I love layering cakes, it’s fun. First a layer of ladyfingers, dipped in the coffee-rum. (Really just dipped! They will soak enough of it up. If you put them in too long, the whole cake will be slobbery.) Also make the edge of the cake with unhalved ladyfingers, but don’t dip them.

And then, about a centimeter cream on that. Then, dipped ladyfingers again. And cream. And finish with dipped ladyfingers again.
The cake should rest over night in the fridge. Then, you can turn the cake out. And put whipped cream on top, if you want. And eat it!

Those creamy cakes are definitely not my cup of tea, but a tiny piece was very yummy. And I’m glad Dad liked it a lot.

But this wasn’t the only present, of course! Guess what this is.

Dad knew immediately. Of course! A lovely, yummy, crunchy farmhouse sourdough bread.

Daddy, I hope you have a great day. I love you. Thanks for putting every piece of furniture together with me. Thanks for bringing me home so often. Thanks for letting me know I can always call. Thanks for your great cooking. And for your great genes! (We do have great genes, my brother and I. A great mixture of genes.) Thanks for everything!

(You can find a better printable version of the recipe here.)


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