A whole lot of Christmas biscuits.

It was Biscuit Baking Day again. And we baked a lot of biscuits. A whole lot.

I have a lovely filled biscuit tin. Interested in our biscuit varieties? Be prepared for a whole lot of yummy biscuit photos. (Deutsche Version.)

Maybe you have seen our Biscuit Baking Orgy last year. Or the year before. It’s officially tradition now.

Baking Cinnamon Stars is also tradition on those days.

We made a lot of them with glaze.

But since we do not really like to eat the glaze – It just looks pretty -, we also made some plain cinnamon stars. Yummy.

In between, we drank a lot of tea. (And ate cheese. We needed that with all that sweet smell in the air.)

Then, we made Linzer Biscuits. Also tradition.

But they still need some snow on top, right?

With the little parts, we created Jam Stars.

So tiny. So scrumptious.

Then, we tried something new. We made Chocolate Marzipan Sticks.

They melt in your mouth.

And something else with chocolate: Chocolate Fingerprints.

Just like thumbprints, but chocolate-y. If you have good jam, they turn out absolutely great. And we did have delicious, home-made jam. Apricot and red currant.

With some of the chocolate dough, we made Piped Chocolate Biscuits.

And in the end, we made something simple. Something just to roll, bake and dip: Our lovely Chestnuts.

And then, there was a table full of biscuits.

But this was only one of our tables. We had to put plates on the TV because there wasn’t any space.

A great result! And now I don’t want to bake Christmas biscuits anymore. Well, maybe some more Vanilla crescents? Or some coconut maracoons? We’ll see… Have a lovely third Sunday of Advent!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ediblesubstance
    Dec 11, 2011 @ 21:41:22

    Everything looks great!


  2. Xenia
    Dec 14, 2011 @ 10:03:12

    They look delicious! Please give us the recipe for the Linzer cookies. Also,when I was in Austria some years ago I ate a Christmas cake which had marzipan on it and it was absolutely delicious,do you know which one I’m talking about? And do you know how I can the recipe for that?


  3. Ashley Boecker
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 08:21:47

    I just love this time of year. There are so many reasons to bake or make something mouth watering to eat. I like to make all of sweets for Christmas. I try to make a new treat every year and have not found one this year yer.


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